Proto Integrattron Headset, Neon Pink



  • Integrated Headset
  • 1 1/8” 45° x 45°
  • Lightest Headset on Market
  • Shortest Stack Height

We have received blue prints from the future of time & space for the new PROTO – Integrattron. It appears to be the universes first Futuristic Anti-Gravity Headset that merges the headset top-cap and wedge ring into a single component. By reducing the amount of parts and reducing the overall weight we have created the strongest and lightest headset on the market. With the reduction of the overall stack height we have increased the strength around the fork by fully supporting the steering tube. This support has eliminated the weak spot created by a traditional top cap fitted with rubber O-rings which is where fork tubes often break. When properly fitted to a PROTO Space Deck you will surely be ready for lift-off.