Ethic DTC Dryade V2 Bar, 670mm, Raw


With the Dryade V2, the brand Ethic has provided the scooter scene with an aluminum 6061 bar that is very light and trick-friendly but stronger than regular aluminum bars. Bars with a design like this do not just look good - the Y-shape is also known to enhance strength and durability. Moreover, it has a backsweep of 3° that will add comfort to your riding experience. If you have quality in mind and want to improve your scooter performances, Ethic has made a bar that will do the trick for you.

  • This bar is compatible with the ICS, IHC and SCS compression systems
  • An SCS sleeve is included with the bar to eliminate the slit and make it SCS compatible
  • 26.25 Tall x 22.15 Wide
  • If you need them shorter, send us a note and we can cut them (you will need to pay for an additional HIC Slit if required)
  • *Note: The bar comes with a unique Z-Studio logo imprinted on the inner side of the bar