Steelhead Speed Shop Ltd. Titanium 'Wheelie Bars' Crossbar, Gloss Black, Oversized

$160.00 $213.00

In the Drag Racing World, Wheelie Bars prevent a vehicle's front end from raising too high and flipping over. Steelhead Titanium 'Wheelie Bars' do the opposite. Our Team Tested lightweight design makes for easier overhead tricks, bar spins and front scoots. Made from the finest TIG Welded, Grade 9 Titanium, our bars hold up to Professional Level riding.

-NASA Grade Titanium


-720mm (28.3") Tall x 610mm(24") Wide,

-OVERSIZED TUBING, for use with HIC or SCS Compression

-Brushed Aluminum Logo Decal (and secret engraved logo)

-880 grams, 1.9lbs

-Cut to size at no charge, just make note of length on order!

-HIC Slit, cut on side of bar for strength $20 extra, (add item "HIC Slit" to cart)