Ethic DTC Merrow V3 Fork, SCS, Chrome Blue (SCS Version!!!)



9 years after its big sister, the Merrow fork is back in its 3rd evolution.
A single goal: to be the most optimised and lightest fork possible. (lightest fork in the world)

Machined entirely from the strongest aluminium (7075), its curves and shapes are dictated by constraints, to be ultra-light while remaining very strong.

still only compatible with 8 STD (8x24mm), and can now accommodate wheels up to 120mm in diameter.

New torx 40 male axles: stronger and more practical, just one wrench is now needed to tighten the fork. (A torx 40 wrench is included in the box). 
Thanks to the arrival of this new screw drive format, the merrow v3 can now accommodate a 7075 compression screw, which contributes to the light weight of the setup.

This fork is available in 3 versions: SCS / HIC / IHC , each optimised for their respective lengths and constraints. (The compression shim is included on the HIC and IHC versions).

Available in 3 colors: Black / Raw / Chrome Blue


- material: aluminum 7075-T6 full CNC

- compression system: IHC

- weight: 6.2 oz (176g)

- 120mm wheel compatible

- 8 STD (24mm wide wheels)

- compression shim included

- Torx 40 key fit (axle/compression screw)

- Torx 40 key included